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What Parents & Students Say About Inspired Writing & Literature!


On Inspiring Excellence

Your dedication, love, and care towards me and your other students are evident. Your desire and passion to see us learn, master, and grow in our studies are inspiring. I hope one day to be as inspiring to others as you are to me.

- Julia (student)



Sandra Selling is one of the most dedicated teachers I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. ... [She] doesn't just teach, but encourages and inspires, always having the student's best interest in mind. I will always remember her as one of the best teachers I've ever known.

- Justin (student)



You have helped to foster her love of writing. She is currently working on a play and a novel and is interested in being an author. I know sometimes as a teacher we don't get to see the outcomes or fruits of our labor, but I wanted to make sure that you are aware of the tremendous impact you have had on her and that she looks forward to your class.

- Christine (parent)



She [Mrs. Selling] is unlike every other; she goes above and beyond what is expected of a teacher. Spending only five minutes with Mrs. Selling, you can clearly see that teaching is her true passion.


- Christian (15-year-old student)






On Character and Spiritual Growth


Mrs. Selling’s love of teaching, love of writing, and love of helping her students learn and exceed their own expectations has been the key to the results they have both achieved. My children are not just better writers as a result of IEW this year with Mrs. Selling, but better students and citizens as a result of her teaching.

- Mike (parent)



You were, and are, a teacher who loves to learn from her students and takes extreme pleasure in seeing them exceed your expectations. A good teacher sees the things other people miss; she mines the pockets of promise that have eluded everyone else. She cares for the character of her students as much, if not more so, than she does for enabling them to excel in their academic pursuits. This is who you are. This is what you did. This is why we will never forget you.

- Beth (parent)




Mrs. Selling fostered a love for his Christian faith and beliefs and helped him to take that to the next level for him as a young man. He developed ways to share his faith and thoughts in a respectful manner, while also learning more about the beliefs of others that are different than his own.

- Rachael (parent)



Sandra invests invaluable time with her students. Aside from class time, she purposes to make herself easily accessible for her students. It is her goal to support them to not only grow in their writing skills, but she encourages her students to grow in their character.

- Janice (parent)



On Student Test Scores & College Preparation

I have to thank you because my scores definitely reflected your awesome teaching! :-) I got a five in [AP] Literature!

- Claire (17-year-old student)



I would like to update you on Gabe's achievements this past semester. He finished ENC1101 [Freshman English] at College with an A. In fact, he finished all his classes with an A. I'm thankful for all the time, commitment and patience that you had with a boy that was reluctant and defying about putting some words in a paper.

- Lea (parent)



I recently received my IOWA test scores, and I had a huge jump in English compared to last year’s scores. I wanted to thank you because, as a result of your teaching, I was able to improve.

- Gabe (student)



I cannot tell you how much last year’s class helped me on the Humanities, English Literature, and Analyzing Literature CLEP tests!

- Anna (student, graduated senior, college freshman)



[Sandra's] students are stretched to think logically and critically which is essential for college preparation. I have seen tremendous growth in my son’s ability to speak persuasively with confidence, as well as write with confidence. Amazingly, we have received so much more including literature, grammar, vocabulary, logic and character development. Inspired Writing & Literature is an excellent online option for education in the subject of English with teaching that prepares the student for college.

- Janice (parent)



College English classes have been a breeze because of the excellent preparation your classes provided me.

- Justin (student, college graduate)



Your heart of encouragement and your gracious instruction brought out the best in my teenage sons and helped them see their own potential. They have far exceeded my expectations under your teaching, and I believe they are being well-prepared to meet and surpass the challenges of future college requirements.

- Terry (parent)


On Student Enjoyment

I have never had a teacher go as above-and-beyond as Mrs. Selling. She wants to help you learn and have better study habits. Not only does she bring a new meaning to IEW, but she makes it fun. I believe she would be great at teaching anything because she has a heart for the children to succeed.

- Michaela (15-year-old student)



Most of all I wanted to thank you for pouring your knowledge on the kids, for all the hours you spend planning and for having fun classes. … This was a big blessing for us this year, Kevin feels he learned a lot and that is the most important thing for us. He really enjoyed your teaching!

- Silvia (parent of two teen sons)



Your classes were some of the most memorable, beneficial, and fun experiences I had in school.

- Justin (student)


On Improved Writing Skills

As a first year homeschooler and a tenth grade student, I never expected my homework to consist of such an abundance of essays. … writing became a chore, and I had difficulty even beginning an essay. … [Mrs. Sandra Selling] has transformed both the way I write and my feelings on writing an essay. Writing an essay a week for [another program], I had no idea where to begin a paper. … The first day I met with Mrs. Sandra, she taught me the ideal prewriting process. … This prewriting process revolutionized my thinking process: my ideas were no longer in a garbled mess; instead, they were organized into bullet points of three words.

- Camille (student)



Moreover, [Mrs. Selling] ... helps students master and really learn the material. With Mrs. Selling’s teaching, all of her students succeed, including myself. I have learned an abundance of writing techniques. Before this year, writing a paper challenged me in every aspect. Sometimes I would simply give up, but now I can use these techniques to write persuasive papers.

- Luca (student)



[Ms. Selling’s] ability to connect with [my son] and her talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior. Her patience with dealing with [my son’s], at times, very short attention span in a calm, respectful, and effective manner is quite extraordinary. I recommend Sandra without reservation for anyone interested in seeing fast, steady progress in their child’s writing skills.

- Gail (parent)




My son’s writing skills have improved tremendously, and he has gained confidence in his work which is more important to me than any grade. He is an artist, and Sandra has helped him express his creativity with words instead of only drawings.

- Bethany (parent)


On Inspiring an Appreciation of Classic Literature

Perhaps the most important thing she has gotten from your class is an appreciation for really good classic literature. That in itself is worth the price of admission!!!

- Anne (parent of 17-year-old )



I started this class knowing very little about English and [having] no interest in it, but I'm leaving it knowing far more than I imagined myself learning and [having far] more interest.

- Lauren (student, high school freshman)



I for one very much dislike reading, yet Mrs. Selling would always bring in books to class that she felt I would enjoy. Finally one week I decided to grasp her suggested book and to my surprise I enjoyed it.

- Christian (15-year-old-student)


On Caring & Quality Teaching

It is my sincere pleasure to write this letter of highest recommendation for Sandra Selling. She has been a great teacher, and she cares immensely for each student. … Mrs. Selling is a loving, skillful teacher who takes time to get to know each student personally and their way of learning.

- Michaela (15-year-old student)



Ms. Selling has been more thorough in a month of instruction than Rachel has had in her elementary and middle school years combined. Entering high school this year, Rachel critically required a method to help her organize her thoughts and incorporate compelling language. Ms. Selling is methodical, building on prior lesson material. Her standards are built upon excellence and accomplishment, and Rachel feels this empowerment.

- Margaret (parent)




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