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Complete High School English 2 | Wednesday Afternoon ET


Fall 2019 enrollment closed.

Enrollment for Fall 2020 year opens February 2020.

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Courses Regular Tuition PACKAGE DISCOUNT - Complete High School English 2
HS Composition 2 $465 $465
HS Literature 2 $465 $250
College Prep Vocabulary 2 $250 $0
Add PACKAGE DISCOUNT $1180 TOTAL  $715 (SAVE $465 or 40%)
 SPECIAL OFFER for a Limited Time!   $550 $715 

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Course Sessions
College Prep Vocabulary 2 | Wed. 12pm ET Section - Weeks A and B Online course
High School Literature 2 | Wed. 1:30pm ET Section - Week A Online course
High School Composition 2 | Wed 1:30pm ET - Week B Online course


Complete High School English 2


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Live, Teacher-Led, Highly Interactive Online Classes


Although each course can stand alone, together our combination literature, composition, and vocabulary courses provide the intended Inspired Writing and Literature experience. Our Complete High School English packages also provide optimal college preparation and lay the foundation for later success in CLEP and AP exams, enabling students to earn college credit.


To encourage parents to enroll their students in the Complete High School English 1 package, our 40% package discounts are always available. Find these detailed at the bottom of this page. With With our Special Offer discounts and regular package discounts combined, parents receive a 51% discount on all 3 courses combined (2.5 credits)!


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Complete High School English 2 includes the following courses:  


    • High School Composition 2 - The Essay - with IEW*  meets every other week in Week A and includes a weekly assignment. - 1 credit


    • High School Literature 1 - Read & Analyze Fiction/Nonfiction** meets every other week in Week B in the same time slot that High School Composition 1 meets in Week A.  It incorporates a weekly assignment. - 1 credit Literature, 0.5 credits Logic


    • College Prep Vocabulary 2 meets every week for 45 minutes either preceding or following Composition 2 and Literature 2. - 0.5 credits


*All composition classes include grammar and punctuation on an "as needed" basis.


**All literature courses include instruction in note-taking and study skills based on the latest research findings on the most effective study techniques for long-term retention and mastery.


***College Prep Vocabulary courses are cumulative with each year reviewing and building on past years. Mastery is the goal.



Our Special Offer discounts are in addition to our always-available package discounts listed at the bottom of this page.  The resulting double discounts are


All 3 Courses with Complete HS English 1 & SPECIAL OFFER Discounts  $550.00  $630 discount
All 3 Courses withOUT Either Discount $1180.00  




Complete High School English package discounts are always available.


Courses Full Tuition DISCOUNTED Package - Complete High School English 1
High School Composition 2 $465 $465
High School Literature 2 $465 $250
College Prep Vocabulary 2 $250 $0
TOTAL: $1180 $715 (save $465 - 40% discount)

Study time to allow for all three courses:  In addition to class meetings, students should expect to spend 6-8 hours per week in preparation for all three classes combined.

High School Composition 2 - The Essay


When:            Week B Wednesdays, 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm ET (Meets Every Other Week)

Grades:          9-12

Credits:          1

Prerequisite:  High School Composition 1 or the Equivalent

Corequisite:   High School Literature 2 (See SPECIAL OFFERS tab)

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Live, Teacher-Led, Highly Interactive Online Classes. Building on the strong foundation laid in High School Composition 1, students continue to grow in their ability to easily generate content and develop ideas.  


Employing the insights, logic, and rhetorical techniques studied in their supporting literature course, students learn to

    • Tailor their writing to their audience and purpose
    • Write the essay types most necessary for college success
    • Think critically and evaluate the soundness of their arguments
    • Compose a variety of captivating introductions to draw in the reader
    • Create strong thesis statements to unify their papers
    • Write body paragraphs with well-reasoned, well-structured arguments that support their thesis
    • Compose a variety of compelling conclusions


Students also learn editing and proofing skills to improve compositions with

    • More concise and compelling language,
    • More effective organization,
    • Strengthened support for assertions
    • Corrected grammar and punctuation errors


Class meets for two hours every other week over the course of 30 weeks.


NOTE:  High School Composition 1 or its equivalent using IEW methods is a prerequisite to this course.  However, the material covered in High School Composition 2 is vital to college success.  For this reason, we make an exception to the prerequisite for seniors only. Some seniors decide to take both High School Composition 1 & 2 concurrently.  If you are considering this, please feel free to call and discuss the wisdom of this alternative for your individual student.;


Time to allow for this course:  The time it takes to write a paragraph varies widely from student to student, so a time estimate for this course cannot be precise. However, classes are planned to take approximately 3 hours of preparation time, in addition to class instruction.;


Instructor:    Sandra Selling

                      IEW-Certified Instructor



                      800.578.2527 | 941.676.3140

High School Literature 2 - Read & Analyze Fiction/Nonfiction


When:             Week A - Wednesdays, 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm ET (Meets Every Other Week)

Grades:           9-12

Credits:           1.5 credits (1 literature credit + 0.5 logic credit)

Corequisite: High School Composition 2 - The Essay


Please see the TO ENROLL tab above for important information before checking out.


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Live, Teacher-Led, Highly Interactive Online Classes! 

As the second in our literature sequence, this course quickly reviews the literary analysis skills learned in Literature 1, solidifying them as students read short stories and poetry. We end the year by reading a student favorite and highly relevant classic, 1984. 


Critical Thinking & Rhetorical Analysis Skills

The primary focus of this year, however, is to strengthen critical thinking and to learn rhetorical analysis skills as students enjoy reading and discussing high-interest articles, famous speeches, thought-provoking essays, current day media, and other nonfiction and informational materials. 


Important Preparation

Although not intended as complete preparation for either the new SAT essay or the AP English Language and Composition Exam, this course lays a strong foundation in the rhetorical analysis skills required in both.


The skills developed in this course also provide important preparation for the critical reading and thinking skills necessary to succeed in college and career. They are foundational to functioning as citizens in a democracy.


This course covers the following:

    1. Understanding the rhetorical situation
    2. Appealing to ethos, logos, and pathos
    3. Determining effective and ineffective rhetoric
    4. Analyzing arguments
    5. Assessing the quality of sources
    6. Reading between the lines for the main idea, purpose, tone, and inferences
    7. Recognizing bias and errors in reasoning prevalent in today’s media
    8. Learning rhetorical techniques that underlie compelling speech and writing
    9. Instruction and practice in collaboration and presentation skills


As in all our classes, students will analyze worldview and its influence on the materials they read, then contrast it with a biblical worldview.

Class meets for two hours every other week over the course of 30 weeks.


Time to Allow for this Course:  In addition to class meetings, students should expect to spend 2-4 hours per week in preparation for this class. 


Enrollment closes August 15 or when the class is full (15 students).


Instructor:    Sandra Selling

                      IEW-Certified Instructor



                      800.578.2527 | 941.676.3140

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College Prep Vocabulary 2


When:             Wednesdays, 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm ET (Meets Every Week)

Grades:           8-12

Credits:           0.5

Prerequisite:  College Prep Vocabulary 1

Please see the To Enroll tab before checking out for important information.

CLICK HERE if you wish to use the Course Navigator to confirm this is the best course to meet your student's needs.


College Prep Vocabulary 2 assumes, reviews, and builds on the vocabulary and knowledge of Greek and Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes gained in Vocabulary 1.  It employs all the methods and principles used in Vocabulary 1 and more.


Add this Course at No Additional Cost with Our Complete High School English 2 Program!


Vocabulary development is a key indicator of college success.  Is your student’s vocabulary where it needs to be? Perhaps while your student’s reading vocabulary is excellent, that extensive vocabulary rarely appears in his or her speech or writing, or when it does appear, your student uses words incorrectly. Some forget their newly learned words as soon as the school year finishes.


Our Vocabulary Courses Cover-


    • Greek and Latin roots, suffixes, and prefixes
    • Words prevalent in today's media
    • High-frequency SAT words
    • Tone words (Important to comprehension skills, AP exams, and college work)
    • Differing forms of each word -  Example: verb-mutate, noun-mutability, adjective-mutable, noun-mutant.


Vocabulary Courses Employ the Latest Research to Help Your Student Retain & Master Words

Research confirms that students will quickly forget memorized lists of words and their definitions and be unable to use many of them properly in sentences.  Rather than focus on memorizing such lists, this course emphasizes mastery and the ability to use all forms of a word in both oral and written speech. This course WILL include memorization, but memorization is NOT the focus.


Fun, Fast-Moving Course Using Group Activities & Games.


Classes consist of instruction and abundant in-class practice using both new and review words in a variety of games, activities, and exercises. At the end of the year, students will not just know the last few words learned. Those who have completed their work will have MASTERED ALL their words, from the first through the last! Moreover, they will have had fun doing it!

  • Courses are cumulative, each building on the previous one and containing plenty of review.


  • Classes meet for 45 minutes every week for 30 weeks.


    Study time to allow for this course:  In addition to class sessions, students should expect to spend approximately two hours per week preparing for class. Due to the nature of the material being learned, the tools they will be using, and the course objective of mastery, students MUST study daily for 30 minutes/day on four days out of the week. Ensure your student's success by reserving daily study time for this course. You will be amazed at the results!


    Instructor:    Sandra Selling

                          IEW-Certified Instructor



                          800.578.2527 | 941.676.3140


    See the TO ENROLL tab above before beginning checkout.

To Enroll




  • If yes, please be sure to use your existing password and email address used in prior years. Otherwise, all previous coursework and grades will become unavailable to you.


  • If yes, please register only one student at a time! Please complete BOTH the enrollment and payment processes for your first student before beginning to enroll your second student. 


  1. A separate PARENT email (preferably Gmail) address to which the student does NOT have access.  Use this email when setting up your parent account and for all correspondence with Inspired Writing and Literature.  If you have a Gmail account, please use this one. Again, if you are a returning parent, please use the same unique email you have used in prior years.

  2. For EACH student, a separate and unique email (preferably Gmail) address to which the parent DOES have access.  If your student has a Gmail account, please use this one. Use this Gmail or email for enrolling your student. Again, if yours is a returning student, be sure to use the same email used in prior years.



Please feel free to call your instructor Sandra Selling at (800) 578-2527 for guidance on courses or any other questions or concerns.  You may also email me at Sandra@InspiredWritingandLit.com or make an appointment at Book Now.

Books & Supplies for Complete High School English 2


Please have the following books and supplies on the first day of class:


High School Composition 2 Supplies


    1. The Elegant Essay [Student Book] by Lesha Myers ISBN: 978-0-9779860-1-9, Third Edition, 2011  $29.00

    2. Rhetorical Devices by Brenda McGuigan ISBN-10: 1580497659ISBN-13: 978-1580497657  This book will also be used in the following years as well. $11.11

    3. Student Resource Notebook by Lori Verstegan ISBN: Spiral: 978-1-62341-041-4, PDF: 978-1-62341-042-1 Third Edition - PDF download for $15. 

      This book will be used in all High School Composition classes.  The PDF placed in a loose-leaf notebook is recommended.  Students will add to this resource throughout the years.  


High School Literature 2 Books & Supplies


    1. A variety of short stories, poetry, high-interest articles, famous speeches, and a famous sermon or two will be provided in class and online for free. The Bible is also used and is available online for free.

    2. 1984 by George Orwell (Signet Classic) ISBN-10: 9780451524935 ISBN-13: 978-0451524935 $7.79.  There is a less expensive paperback of this book, but the font is difficult to read.  The text listed here will provide a much more enjoyable read for your student.

    3.  How to Lie With Statistics by Darrell Huff ISBN-13: 978-0393310726
      ISBN-10: 0393310728  $11.70  A fascinating and nontechnical easy read providing students and adults a short primer on recognizing how charts and statistics can be used to mislead.

    4. Rhetorical Devices by Brenda McGuigan ISBN-10: 1580497659ISBN-13: 978-1580497657  This book will also be used in literature and in the following years as well. $11.11  NOTE:  Do not purchase this book twice!  It is also listed for use in High School Composition 2 and in Year 3 courses.

    5. 10 Steps to Advancing College Reading Skills - Please do NOT purchase this book until requested to do so.  It comes in different levels.  The appropriate level will be chosen based on the needs of students as revealed in their Initial Assessments taken after enrollment.  The correct level will be announced to the class in August. The cost of this item is $35 for a package that includes a hard copy of the book, an e-version of the book, online access to a library of over 100 books for 10 months, and much more.

    6. Pangda 700 Pieces Flags Index Tabs 3 Sizes Sticky Notes Writable Labels Page Marker Bookmarks Text Highlighter Strips, 7 Colors, 5 Set $6.97

College Prep Vocabulary 2 Books & Supplies

    1. No books or supplies are required for this course.  All materials are provided in class.  


Required for All Courses


    1. Microsoft Office Word. If you do not currently own Word, the full Office Suite with PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote is available for both MAC and PC users through Office 365. The cost for PC users is $6.99/month for an individual and $9.99/month for a family of up to five. To purchase or see more options, click HERE. 

      Word is a powerful and intuitive tool that students will utilize throughout college. MAC users, please use Word. We cannot guarantee the functionality of all assignments in Pages and other Word substitutes. Students are strongly encouraged to use Word for a more seamless class experience. I edit and grade in Word using its comment feature.

    2. Headset with microphone and USB connection to your computer, NOT a pin-style connection, NOT Blue Tooth, and NOT your PC speakers and microphone. Their use will create audio problems for not just yourself, but the entire group. A noise-canceling microphone is ideal. See pictures at the bottom of this page for a visual of the correct connection.

    3. A webcam is required.


Other Requirements


    1. High-Speed Internet Access (Please Note: Linux operating systems won’t work with our webinar service.)

    2. Parents need a separate email or Gmail address to which the student does NOT have access. Use this email when setting up your parent account. If you have one, please use a Gmail, rather than an email, address. Gmail will allow more seamless access to some course features.

    3. Each student needs a separate Gmail address to which the parent DOES have access. Collaborative activities use Google Docs with settings that require a Gmail to access. Use a different Gmail for each enrolled student. The unique email address for each student is how the system identifies them, their work, and their grades. (Please note: Parental access to the account is NOT optional.)

    4. Quiet room: Online students MUST have a quiet space in which to attend class to avoid a noisy environment for the entire group. Since we often have oral discussions, muting student microphones until they are ready to speak does not work because it significantly slows down group interaction. Students need a quiet place from which to attend class.

    5. Siblings attending the same class at the same time must each have their own computer. They CANNOT share one. Siblings attending different classes or the same class at different times CAN share a computer.

    6. Siblings attending an online class at the same time must attend from separate rooms. Otherwise, they will create echoes for the group.


See the TO ENROLL tab above before beginning checkout.


headset connections

Parent Involvement


Parents are always welcome to attend student classes or watch recorded classes at their convenience.



Initial Parent & Student Surveys & Student Assessments


Survey answers and assessment results allow me to tailor lessons to meet the needs of the class and to ensure your student receives the greatest benefit possible. Please take the time to answer the survey questions thoughtfully; they are your chance to tell me how best to help your student.


Within a week of enrolling their pupil, parents new to Inspired Writing and Literature (IWL) will receive access to and complete an Initial Survey about their teen's learning needs, previous writing and literature experience, and other helpful information. They will do this for each student one time per year only, NOT once for each course. Returning parents will have the option of completing a shortened survey if they feel there have been no significant changes in information since completing their previous survey. Students will complete a similar survey and also complete a skills assessment.  



Introductory New Parent Webinar


All new parents of students enrolled with Inspired Writing and Literature (IWL) for the first time will be invited to attend a required Introductory Webinar to learn ways they can support their student at home and help to ensure their success.  Here they also will learn what progress to expect from the course, how to monitor their students' progress, and how this course contributes to meeting college admissions requirements, as well as the best ways to communicate with the instructor. 


Returning parents are, of course, also welcome to attend, and I hope many will do so.  Your input can be especially helpful to new parents.   


The session will be followed by a time for questions. This webinar will be offered several times during the latter half of August.  See the School Year Calendar for these dates.  




School-Year Expectations


During the school year, parents are to monitor their students' progress to ensure they remain current with lessons and assignments.   


Grades, as well as completed and edited assignments, are always accessible online to both student and parents 24/7. 


To maximize the use of class time for learning, parents are asked to administer and proctor longer tests at home during a time convenient to them.  Parents will receive both guidance and support in this if they desire.



Help for Parents and Students


During the week, in my online office hours or at other times by appointment, I am readily available to both parent and student for consultation and help with current lessons.  I am also available throughout the school day via chat and video webinar through Zoom services.  If you are unfamiliar with these services, they will be provided to you free of charge along with any help you need to use them. You will love the degree of teacher accessibility this service offers you! 


In my online office, I can see and type on your student's paper or share a book as we talk. He or she can do the same and can also write and draw on the whiteboard or document on my screen. We can find resources together on the internet or pull up any needed materials or papers from our computers. I can help them with drafts, the organization of files in file folders, and even occasionally to walk them through using helpful features on their computers. Parents are encouraged to join student consultations whenever possible.



Parents Group


In the Parent Group, parents will find their own forum where they can ask questions of the group or me and share information, ideas, and advice with one another. I love it when moms, dads, or students from last year can answer questions or reassure newcomers from the perspective of one who has been there. Please feel free to jump in if you have something to add.  Of course, if you have a highly personal question that would not be of interest to others, you may Zoom, call, book an appointment, or email me privately.  Be sure to put the word PARENT or STUDENT in all caps on the subject line of any emails. Doing this will highlight your email so that it stands out.





See the TO ENROLL tab before beginning checkout.