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Philosophy on Writing




Every student can become a proficient and polished writer.  


Writing is a collection of skills that can be learned by all when those skills are taught one at a time, in small incremental steps, with excellent modeling, abundant encouragement, and lots of opportunity for practice. Students learn to brainstorm, organize and structure ideas, skillfully employ language using a variety of sentence structures, edit to improve impact, and proof for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.


Learning to think is an essential foundation for learning to write. Advanced composition classes incorporate instruction in informal logic and develop the ability to conceptualize, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize ideas to form well-supported conclusions,  thoroughly preparing students for college work.  


As a Certified Instructor, accredited by The Institute for Excellence in Writing, your instructor predominantly uses their materials. See the many reasons for this in the article coming soon, "Why the Institute for Excellence in Writing?"


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