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Homeschooling your child can become daunting, especially when he or she reaches high school.

Inspired Writing & Literature makes it easy for parents to prepare their child with the thinking and communications skills necessary for college success  so that their child can be ready for their future and live in alignment with their faith.

Your student will learn to think critically, write effectively, and be ready to prosper in college and beyond.

Choose Your Path

1) Choose Your Path

Choose the educational package that fits your needs and enroll your child.

Grow in Knowledge and Values

2) Grow in Knowledge and Values

Watch your student gain knowledge, grow in their thinking and communications skills, and deepen their convictions as they are inspired to seek truth. 

Students Will Receive

  • Live courses where teacher and all students interact and see each other’s faces
  • A responsive instructor
  • Online grade book available 24/7
  • Detailed feedback for each student and parent
  • Academic rigor that prepares teens for the future
  • Gradual preparation for CLEP & AP exams to earn college credit.
  • Engaging course content 
  • Education that pushes them to think creatively and seek truth
  • Instruction that will equip them with the tools to succeed in college
  • Values-based education 
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Parents Are Seeing the Difference

Mrs. Selling’s love of teaching, love of writing, and love of helping her students learn and exceed their own expectations has been the key to the results they have both achieved.

-- Mike

Sandra’s students are stretched to think logically and critically…I have seen tremendous growth in my son’s ability to speak persuasively with confidence, as well as write with confidence.

-- Janice

Mrs. Selling is methodical, building on prior lesson material. Her standards are built upon excellence and accomplishment, and Rachel feels this empowerment.

-- Margaret

As a parent, you want a quality, values-based language arts education for your child. However, high school curricula are complex and can stretch you beyond your skillset as a teaching parent. Too often this leaves you feeling unsure whether you can provide your child with the tools to succeed in the future.

Like many parents, I recognized my son needed more than I could provide individually as a teacher. I wanted to build a learning community to prepare him for the challenges and diversity of ideas he would face in college and life. My goal was to create an environment that would inspire him to think analytically and communicate effectively while he engaged new concepts, leading him to examine and confirm his own convictions. That's why I spent years working to create what has become Inspired Writing and Literature.

For 15 years as both a literature teacher and a certified instructor with the Institute for Excellence in Writing, I have helped hundreds of families prepare their teens for the road ahead.