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2021-2022 Weekly Class Schedule


See Important Class Information below chart.  Also, note that, in addition to office hours, the instructor is available throughout the day to answer questions in our online learning community.

2021-2022 Weekly Schedule


Important Class Information

English classes meet twice per week, once on Mondays for literature and once during the remainder of the week for writing.  See Courses for course descriptions and details.  English 1 is a one-credit course. English 2, 3, and 4 are all two-credit courses.  End-of-year grades reflect one credit in writing and one credit in literature for English 2, 3, and 4.

English 1 covers an introduction to literary analysis and high school level writing using the transformational methods of the Institute for Excellence in Writing.  The focus of the class is to inspire confidence and excitement about literature and writing and provide a toolbox of skills, methods, and techniques used in upper-level writing and literature courses.

English 2, 3, & 4 are all two-credit courses and divide into smaller groups of typically four to seven students for writing instruction.  Smaller groups enable more individualized attention to students. These small groups combine into one larger literature class where more students provide additional points of view, fostering the spirited discussions and debate for which Inspired Writing and Literature classes are known.  

Students cover literature chronologically.  In this way, students gain a greater appreciation for the context of literature. They develop a solid understanding of how literature both shapes and is shaped by the times it is written in. 

This year students learn about 20th-21st century literature.  See this year's course descriptions for the details. Next year, in 2022-2023, students will read 11th-17th century literature, including works by such greats as Shakespeare, Dante, and Milton.  In 2023-2024, we will immerse ourselves in 19th-century literature and delve into writings by Dickens, Hawthorne, Melville, Shelley, Twain, and many more.  Whatever year students enter our English courses, they continue from that point to cover all of 11th-21st-century literature and to develop a thorough understanding of American and British literary periods and context for world literature.  

College Prep Vocabulary is optional but is a student favorite due to its lively individual and group instructional games that enhance motivation and reinforce learning.  These games also allow students to earn points for the year-end auction, where they use their accumulated points to bid on items from their submitted wish lists. Students may add College Prep Vocabulary and one self-study course at NO additional tuition.

Self-study courses-Students may also choose one course from a large selection of excellent self-study, full-year high school courses covering subjects from math to music to history, and more at no additional cost. They may add others for a nominal fee.  

Private instruction is available.  Contact Sandra Selling, the instructor, for details at our Contact Us page.

Payments are by credit card.  Multiple payments plans at 0 interest are also available by contacting Sandra Selling at Contact Us.