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2021-2022 Academic Calendar


See beneath the chart below for a description of Orientation Weeks A and B. New students must enroll before September 2 and attend both orientation weeks.



2021-2022 Weekly Schedule


Orientation Weeks A & B are optional for all returning students who have completed English 1 - Writing and Literature or its equivalent. Sessions meet at each student's normal class days and times. However, any enrolled student is welcome to attend any session if they feel that reviewing the covered topics would be helpful.


Orientation topics covered include:

(1) an introduction to the website and its learning features,

(2) the Cornell Note-Taking method and other study skills,

(3) introduction to our vocabulary program and its research-based learning tools,

(4) recognizing signposts to meaning employed by all authors

(5) an introduction to basic plot analysis,

(6) and an introduction to worldviews. 


All students are responsible for this basic material and will receive a schedule for Orientation Weeks A & B after enrollment.