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 * In Student Orientation, students become comfortable with the Zoom communication and webinar platform we will use in class, as well as the website.  They enroll in learning tools (included in their tuition) they will be using during the year and learn how to use them.  They learn how to receive and submit assignments and about what to expect in class.  I look forward to meeting each of you there!


Student Orientation takes place in Week 0, September 7-11 in the same time slots their classes will meet.


**All new parents of students enrolled with Inspired Writing and Literature (IWL) for the first time will be invited to attend a required Introductory Webinar to learn ways they can support their student at home and help to ensure their success.  Here they also will learn what progress to expect from the course, how to monitor their students' progress, and how this course contributes to meeting college admissions requirements, as well as the best ways to communicate with the instructor. We will also become comfortable with the website and Zoom instant messaging.  Returning parents are, of course, also welcome to attend, and I hope many will do so.  Your input can be especially helpful to new parents.  The session will be followed by a time for questions. I look forward to meeting each of you and answering your questions.


This webinar will be offered twice in the first week of class: Monday morning and Monday evening of September 14.