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Frequently Asked Questions


A:  Take a single writing, literature, or vocabulary course or take a Complete High School English package for Year 1, 2, 3, or 4!  Inspired Writing and Literature offers a coordinated series of courses designed to prepare your student for college and career success with the following skills and knowledge:


  • Composition - beginning through advanced
  • Literature - Appreciation and deepened understanding
  • Literary analysis - beginning through advanced
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Logic and critical thinking skills
  • Worldview analysis
  • Rhetoric and rhetorical analysis skills
  • Study skills
  • Time- and self-management skills


A:  Our Year 1 courses begin by assuming only that students have been reading and writing throughout their earlier education and presuppose no prior formal instruction in literature or writing. 


Students do need to be able to type.  Touch-typing is a basic skill that will benefit students throughout their academic career. 




A:  Please visit our Course Navigator tool. It will ask you a series of questions and show you exactly the right course for your student. Of course, you may also CLICK HERE to contact the instructor for consultation.




A:  Each Complete High School English earns 2.5 credits and meets for 2 hours one day per week, every week, alternating composition one week with literature the next. Students have an assignment in each of their courses every week. They meet weekly for their 45-minute College Prep Vocabulary class. Composition courses have a grammar and punctuation component. Literature includes instruction in notetaking, study skills, and time management. Vocabulary also contains a strong study skills component. In this way, students receive a complete, well-rounded language arts program and the tools they need to succeed in college and career.  Students may also take individual courses.  Each composition or literature course is 1 credit each.  Each vocabulary course is 0.5 credits each.




A:  Yes, our High School Composition 1 and 2 courses both have a grammar and punctuation component.



A:  Yes, both are components of our literature courses.


A:  We accept all major credit cards. We also offer an interest-free payment plan. This must be arranged by calling the instructor at 800-578-2527 and must be paid in full no later than October 10.



A:  Yes, we offer an interest-free payment plan. This can be arranged by calling the instructor at 800-578-2527.



A: I am readily available to both parent and student for consultation and help with current lessons in my online office hours during the week and on Saturdays, or at other times by appointment. I am also available throughout the school day via chat and video webinar through Zoom services.

If you are unfamiliar with these services, they are provided to you free of charge along with any help you need to use them. You will love the degree of teacher accessibility this service offers you and your students!



A:  Yes, parents sometimes enroll students in a class for which they do not have the prerequisites or for which the Course Navigator indicates they are not ready. This is ultimately the parent's decision. You know your child best.  Also, do please note that prerequisites always include the words "or the equivalent," meaning that students may have the equivalent knowledge from studies undertaken at home or elsewhere. If you have questions about which course is best for your student and would like to talk with me about them, please always feel free to make an appointment with me or call me by clicking HERE.



A:  Yes, we offer Early Bird discounts and Complete High School English package discounts.  See the SPECIAL OFFERS tab under any package or course for more details



A:  This depends on the course.  Please visit the BOOKS & SUPPLIES tab of the course you are interested in for a list of all course materials necessary for that course.



A:  Our literature and composition courses each count as a full credit.  Literature 2 is an exception to this.  It counts as a full credit in literature and half a credit in logic.  Our vocabulary courses count as half of a credit.  The Complete High School English packages are 2 1/2 credits.



A:  The years are an indication of years with Inspired Writing and Literature, not the grade of the student. Formal grades for transcripts do NOT include the words Year 1 and 2. They state the grade of the student (9th-, 10th-, 11th-, or 12th-grade), give a course description, and state the student's grade for the course. Many students have come to Inspired Writing and Literature in their 11th or 12th-grade years and have taken only Years 1 and/or 2. Most students find this more than adequately prepares them to succeed in a college English class. Years 3 and 4 typically prepare students to test out of college English and earn three to nine English credits. They also provide a rich literary experience.





A:  Absolutely, but please note that some parent involvement is required.  See the PARENT INVOLVEMENT tab under each course.