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Frequently Asked Questions


A:  Inspired Writing and Literature offers a coordinated series of courses taught with a Christian worldview and designed to prepare your student for college and career success with the following skills and knowledge:


  • Composition - beginning through advanced
  • Literature - Appreciation and deepened understanding
  • Literary analysis - beginning through advanced
  • College-prep vocabulary
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Logic and critical thinking skills
  • Worldview analysis
  • Rhetoric and rhetorical analysis skills
  • Confidence in written and oral dialogue
  • Study skills
  • Time- and self-management skills



A:  Our Foundations in Writing and Literature course presupposes only that students read on grade level.  It requires no prior formal instruction in literature or writing.  However, students who are well-versed in writing paragraphs and essays will find this course meets their needs and advances their composition skills.


Students do need to be able to type for any online course.  Touch-typing is a fundamental skill that will benefit students throughout their academic careers and is worth investing time to master. 



A:    If your students are in high school with no prior experience in the Institute for Excellence in Writing's transformative methods, then English 1 - Writing and Literature is the course for them.  After that, we recommend English 2 - Writing and Literature and then English 3 - Writing and Literature followed by English 4 - Writing and Literature.  Of course, you may also CLICK HERE to contact the instructor for consultation if you are unsure of whether your student is ready for Level 2 or 3 courses.  Private writing evaluations are also available. 



A:  Yes, our Writing and Literature 1, 2, & 3 classes all include grammar instruction on an as-needed basis. 



A:  Yes, both are components of our literature courses.



A:  We accept all major credit cards. We also offer an interest-free payment plan. Payment plans may be arranged by calling the instructor at 800-578-2527. 



A:  Yes, we offer an interest-free payment plan. This may be arranged by calling the instructor at 800-578-2527.




A:  Yes, we offer a 20% Early Registration discount. We also offer College Prep Vocabulary as a free add-on for a limited time. 



A:  This depends on the course.  Please visit the BOOKS & SUPPLIES tab of the course you are interested in for a list of all course materials necessary for that course.



A: I am readily available to both parents and students for consultation and help with current lessons in my online office hours during the week and on Saturdays, or at other times by appointment. I am also available throughout the school day via chat and video chat when I am not actively teaching.






A:  English 1 counts as one credit. Our English 2, 3, and 4 courses count as two full credits each. College Prep Vocabulary courses count as half of a credit.  



A:  Absolutely, but please note that some parent involvement is required.  See the PARENT INVOLVEMENT tab under each course.