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HS2 - High School Composition 2 - The Essay


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Live, Teacher-Led, Highly Interactive Online Classes. Building on the strong foundation laid in High School Composition 1, students in this 30-week course will continue to grow in their ability to easily generate content and develop ideas while learning to write the essay types most necessary for college. They will also learn to tailor their writing to both their audience and purpose as they develop the critical thinking skills required to compose well-reasoned and supported arguments.  Improving their editing skills will strengthen their compositions with more concise and compelling language. To add further polish and maturity to their work, they will add and master several advanced writing techniques. Instruction covers grammar and punctuation as student papers indicate the need. Scroll down to the tabs below for more information on this course, special offers, and how to enroll.

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HS2 - High School Composition 2 - The Essay


Prerequisite:   High School Composition I or its equivalent using IEW methods


                          12th grade (Please see NOTE below for more details.)


When:              Thursdays, 3:00-4:30 pm EST     


Grades:            9-12


Tuition:             $450 


Credits:            1                                                                                                


Instructor:       Sandra Selling

                         IEW-Certified Instructor



                         800.578.2527 | 704.604.0973


Time to allow for this course:  In addition to class sessions, students should expect to spend a minimum of 3-5 hours per week preparing for class.


NOTE:  Ideally, all students have completed High School Composition 1 or its equivalent using IEW methods before taking this course.  However, High School Composition 2 is vital to college success.  For this reason, we make an exception to the prerequisite for seniors only. Some seniors decide to take both HS Composition 1 & 2 concurrently.  If you are considering this, please feel free to call and discuss the wisdom of this alternative for your student.  


This course, High School Composition 2 - The Essay, or its equivalent is a pre- or corequisite to all Inspired Writing and Literature upper-level courses.



To Enroll




  • If yes, please be sure to use your existing password and email address used in prior years. Otherwise, all previous coursework and grades will become unavailable to you.


  • If yes, please register only one student at a time! Please complete BOTH the enrollment and payment processes for your first student before beginning to enroll your second student. 


  1. A separate PARENT email (preferably Gmail) address to which the student does NOT have access.  Use this email when setting up your parent account.  If you have a Gmail account, please use this one.  It is vital that the email you use for this is NOT accessible by your students. Again, if you are a returning parent, please use the same unique email you used in prior years.
  2. For EACH student, a separate and unique email (preferably Gmail) address to which the parent DOES have access.  If your student has a Gmail account, please use this one. Use this Gmail or email for enrolling your student. Again, if yours is a returning student, be sure to use the same email used in prior years.



Please feel free to call your instructor Sandra Selling at (800) 578-2527 for guidance on courses or any other questions or concerns.  You may also email her at Sandra@InspiredWritingandLit.com.

Special Discount Packages 


To encourage parents to bundle these courses, Three-Course Package Discounts are always available.  We do this because, although each course can stand alone, together they provide the intended Inspired Writing and Literature experience.

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The above discounted packages add College Prep Vocabulary 1 or 2 at NO additional cost and a literature course at a $200 DISCOUNT, providing a complete and thorough college-prep language arts program for a total discount of 39% on the entire package.



Early Bird Tuition

Each class is tailored to meet the individual needs of those students enrolled.  We determine these needs through our Student Assessments completed within one week of enrolling.  


Tuition:              $450


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Books & Supplies


The following books and supplies are required:


1.   The Elegant Essay Student Book - ONLY the Third Edition - $29

       For more details, ISBN, or to purchase, click HERE.


2.   Student Resource Notebook - Third Edition - $19 OR the PDF download for $15.

      For more details and ISBN OR to purchase, click HERE.



3.   Microsoft Office Word  If you don’t currently own Word, the full Office Suite with PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, etc., is available for both MAC and PC users through Office 365.  The cost for PC users is $6.99/month for an individual and $9.99/month for a family of up to 5, and the subscription provides continuous updates and upgrades. To purchase or see more options, click HERE.  


Word is a powerful and intuitive tool students will utilize throughout college.  MAC users are strongly encouraged to use Word for a more seamless class experience.  When a task requires the use of Word, I include video instruction in the features of Word that will make the assignment easier. Since  I use the most current version of Microsoft Word in these, this instruction will be most useful to students working with the same tools I am. While I use a PC, and MAC users may find occasional small differences from videos in what they need to do, students will also learn how to find answers to any computer-related questions quickly and easily.


Note:  While we require only Word for most of our courses, familiarity with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are all beneficial college preparation as well because many general education requirements and higher-level courses use one or more of these in class assignments.



4.  Headset with microphone and USB connection to your computer, NOT a pin-style, NOT a blue-tooth connection, and NOT your PC speakers and microphone. Their use will create audio problems for not just your student, but the entire group.  A noise-canceling microphone is ideal.  See pictures at the bottom of this page for a visual of the correct connection.



5.  The Synonym Finder - Revised Edition:  Optional, but highly recommended!

     For more details, ISBN, or to purchase, click HERE.


If you own the print version, you will find the Kindle Synonym Finder currently priced at $0.99,  or, if you do not, at $3.82!!  


Do you own a Kindle?  If not, you can download the free Kindle app onto your phone or a PC by clicking HERE.




6.  A webcam OR access to one may be required for a specific assignment or two.    



7.  Also, see ONLINE REQUIREMENTS for requirements to participate online.



Headset Connections

Parent Involvement


Once parents enroll their students, they are invited to attend an introductory webinar to learn ways they can support their student at home and help to ensure their success.  You also will learn what progress to expect from the course and how this course contributes to meeting college admissions requirements.  If your teen is resistant to your input, if writing and grammar are not among your strengths, or if English is your second language, please don’t worry.  You will learn that you can still be a great asset to your student.  The session will be followed by a time for questions.


Parents are always welcome to attend student classes or watch the recorded classes at their convenience.


During the school year, parents are to monitor their students' progress to ensure they remain current with lessons and assignments. 


Grades as well as completed and edited assignments are always accessible online to both student and parents 24/7.



During the week, in my online office hours, or at other times by appointment, I am readily available to both parent and student for consultation and help with current lessons. Click here on Calendar 2018-2019 for office hours, class days and times. In my online office, I can see and type on your student's paper or share a book as we talk. He or she can do the same and can also write and draw on my whiteboard. We can find resources together on the internet or pull up any needed materials or papers from our computers.  I can help them with drafts, the organization of files in file folders, and even occasionally walk them through using helpful features on their computers. Parents are encouraged to join student consultations whenever possible.


Within a week of enrolling their pupil, parents will be placed in a Parents Group.  Here they will access and complete a survey about their teen's learning needs, previous writing experience, and other helpful information. They will do this for each student one time per year only, NOT once for each course. Students will receive a similar survey and, at their convenience, complete a skills assessment. Survey answers and assessment results allow me to tailor lessons to meet the needs of the class and to ensure your student receives the greatest benefit possible. Please take the time to answer the survey questions thoughtfully; they are your chance to tell me your goals for your student, what his or her learning needs are, and how I can best help him or her.


In the Parent Group, parents will find their own forum where they can ask questions of the group or me and share information, ideas, and advice with one another. I love it when moms, dads, or students from last year can answer questions or reassure newcomers from the perspective of one who has been there.  Please feel free to jump in if you have something to add.  Of course, if you have a highly personal question that would not be of interest to others, you may call or email me privately.  Be sure to put the word PARENT or STUDENT in all caps on the subject line. Doing this will highlight your email so that it stands out.


Online Requirements


1.   High-Speed Internet Access (Please Note: Linux operating systems don’t work with our webinar service.)


2.   Siblings attending the same class must each have their own computer. They CANNOT share one. Siblings attending different classes CAN share a computer.


3.   Parents need a separate email or Gmail address to which the student does NOT have access.  Use this email when setting up your parent account. If you have one, please use a Gmail, rather than an email, address. Gmail will allow more seamless access to some course features.


4.   Each student needs a separate email address to which the parent DOES have access.   Again, if they have one, please use Gmail.  Use a different email for enrolling each student. Because parents know the password, they will be able to monitor whether their student is keeping up with assignments and access their work and grades. Parental access is NOT optional (See Parent Involvement tab). The unique email address for each student is how the system identifies them, their work, and their grades.  


5.   Quiet room:  Online students MUST have a quiet space in which to attend class to avoid a noisy environment for the entire group.  Because we often have oral discussions, muting student microphones until they're ready to speak doesn't work because it significantly slows down group interaction. Students need a quiet place.  Siblings must attend an online class from separate rooms. Otherwise, they will create echoes for the group.