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About Inspiring an Appreciation of Classic Literature

Perhaps the most important thing she has gotten from your class is an appreciation for really good classic literature. That in itself is worth the price of admission!!!

- Anne (parent of 17-year-old )


I started this class knowing very little about English and [having] no interest in it, but I'm leaving it knowing far more than I imagined myself learning and [having far] more interest.

- Lauren (student, high school freshman)


I for one very much dislike reading, yet Mrs. Selling would always bring in books to class that she felt I would enjoy. Finally one week I decided to grasp her suggested book and to my surprise I enjoyed it.

- Christian (15-year-old-student)


God has truly gifted you in teaching literature! I so very much enjoyed your literature class, and I learned a ton from it. Thank you!

- Allison (student)


She selflessly and graciously makes herself available to aid her students, even outside of class.

- Terry (parent)