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About Availability to Parents and Students

Thank you so so much for all the work you put in to help me prepare for the AP Exam. Thank you for always finding time to teach and answer my questions, even on weekends.

- Julia (16-year-old student)


Sandra is sensitive to the needs of her students. She is patient and attentive. As the mother of her student, I have found tremendous support and encouragement from Sandra in moments of frustration with the process of learning. I have always felt welcome to connect with her regarding any need that occurred.

I have found that Sandra invests invaluable time with her students. Aside from class time, she purposes to make herself easily accessible for her students. It is her goal to support them to not only grow in their writing skills but she encourages her students to grow in their character. It is rare to find a teacher committed and passionate about their pursuit to assist their student and family in learning.

- Janice (parent)


From the very beginning, Sandra was so very friendly and responsive. She patiently listened to my story, my kids' un-love and struggles with writing, and recommended the best courses to suit their needs. There is not enough room for me to thank Sandra for the countless "outside of classroom" hours that she has spent with my kiddos, as well as with "counseling" and encouragement to me! I only wish that Sandra was physically nearby, so that I could give her a big hug for being so supportive of our family!

- Mirka (parent)


It seemed as though she made herself available at almost any time to help with any problems or issues that both kids had, even on weekends when needed.

- Michael (parent)


She selflessly and graciously makes herself available to aid her students, even outside of class.

- Terry (parent)