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About Improved Writing Skills

Moreover, [Mrs. Selling] ... helps students master and really learn the material. Truthfully, with Mrs. Selling’s teaching, all of her students succeed, including myself. I have learned an abundance of writing techniques. Before this year, writing a paper challenged me in every aspect. Sometimes I would simply give up, but now I can use these techniques to write persuasive papers.

- Luca (student)


Sandra’s online course has exceedingly met the desire for continued development of my son's writing skills through IEW. Sandra has offered us a great deal more due to her gifting as a teacher. Her students are stretched to think logically and critically which is essential for college preparation. I have seen tremendous growth in my son’s ability to speak persuasively with confidence, as well as write with confidence. Amazingly, we have received …more including literature, grammar, vocabulary, logic and character development.

-Janice (parent)


My son’s writing skills have improved tremendously, and he has gained confidence in his work which is more important to me than any grade. He is an artist, and Sandra has helped him express his creativity with words instead of only drawings.

- Bethany (parent)


[Ms. Selling’s] ability to connect with [my son] and her talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior. Her patience with dealing with [my son’s], at times, very short attention span in a calm, respectful, and effective manner is quite extraordinary. I recommend Sandra without reservation for anyone interested in seeing fast, steady progress in their child’s writing skills.

- Gail (parent)


I have been very blessed to work with [Mrs. Selling] this year as she helped me become a stronger writer.

- Michaela (15-year-old student)


Though my 7th grade daughter does not love writing, she has soared with her skills because of Inspired Writing and Lit. She will move ahead to high school level next year!

- Mirka (parent)


Interestingly, we had a visitor in our home (a friend of my father) who was paying more attention than I realized, and he asked if he could see Dillan’s writing. When the visitor read the finished product, his eyes lit up, he smiled, and he exclaimed, "Dillan, this is excellent and you are not even ten years old yet. I love how you expressed yourself." He was definitely amazed by Dill’s work and revealed to me that he is a retired history and English language high school teacher. …He further expressed that he wished he could go back in time to when he was teaching his own son and wished that he had the tools that he saw Dillan use to help his son to become a better writer. He was impressed with the keyword outline and the way Dillan handled the assignment easily and in a joyful manner.

- Sharlene (parent of a 10-year-old)


As a first year homeschooler and a tenth grade student, I never expected my homework to consist of such an abundance of essays. … writing became a chore, and I had difficulty even beginning an essay. … [Mrs. Sandra Selling] has transformed both the way I write and my feelings on writing an essay. Writing an essay a week for [another program], I had no idea where to begin a paper. … The first day I met with Mrs. Sandra, she taught me the ideal prewriting process. … This prewriting process revolutionized my thinking process: my ideas were no longer in a garbled mess; instead, they were organized into bullet points of three words.

- Camille (student)