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About Caring & Quality Teaching

It is my sincere pleasure to write this letter of highest recommendation for Sandra Selling. She has been a great teacher, and she cares immensely for each student. … Mrs. Selling is a loving, skillful teacher who takes time to get to know each student personally and their way of learning.

- Michaela (15-year-old student)


Ms. Selling has been more thorough in a month of instruction than Rachel has had in her elementary and middle school years combined. Entering high school this year, Rachel critically required a method to help her organize her thoughts and incorporate compelling language. Ms. Selling is methodical, building on prior lesson material. Her standards are built upon excellence and accomplishment, and Rachel feels this empowerment.

- Margaret (parent)


I have watched you teach the children with care, kindness, and patience, and you have provided me with priceless educational advice.

-Pam (parent)


You were, and are, a teacher who loves to learn from her students and takes extreme pleasure in seeing them exceed your expectations. A good teacher sees the things other people miss; she mines the pockets of promise that have eluded everyone else. She cares for the character of her students as much, if not more so, than she does for enabling them to excel in their academic pursuits. This is who you are. This is what you did. This is why we will never forget you.

-Beth (parent)