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Grammar, Punctuation and College Prep Vocabulary 3


Full Year - 2 Semesters

Grades:      10-12

Credit:        0.5


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Grammar, Punctuation, and College Prep Vocabulary 3




The College Prep Vocabulary portion of this course reviews and builds on the vocabulary and knowledge of Greek and Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes gained in level 1 and level 2 and adds to them.  It employs all the methods and principles used in previous levels and more.

The ideal sequence would begin with the first level of this course This level does review previous levels and adds additional Greek and Latin roots, but begins to focus more on reinforcing vocabulary encountered in literature, tone words, and words in prevalent use in today's media.

Live, Teacher-Led, Highly Interactive Online Classes

Vocabulary development is a key indicator of college success.  Is your student's vocabulary where it needs to be? Perhaps while your student's reading vocabulary is excellent, that extensive vocabulary rarely appears in his or her speech or writing, or when it does appear, your student misuses words. Some forget their newly learned words as soon as the school year finishes.


Our Vocabulary Courses Cover-

    • Greek and Latin roots, suffixes, and prefixes
    • Words prevalent in today's media
    • High-frequency SAT words
    • Reinforcement of vocabulary encountered in literature courses
    • Tone words (Important to comprehension skills, AP exams, and college work)
    • Differing forms of each word -  Example: verb-mutate, noun-mutability, adjective-mutable, noun-mutant.


Vocabulary Courses Employ the Latest Research to Help Your Student Retain & Master Words

Research confirms that students will quickly forget memorized lists of words and their definitions and be unable to use many of them properly in sentences.  Rather than focus on memorizing such lists, this course emphasizes mastery and the ability to use all forms of a word in both oral and written speech. This course WILL include memorization, but memorization is NOT the focus.


Fun, Fast-Moving Course Using Group Activities and Games

Classes consist of instruction and abundant in-class practice using both new and review words in a variety of games, activities, and exercises. At the end of the year, students will not just know the last few words learned. Those who have completed their work will have MASTERED ALL their words, from the first through the last! Moreover, they will have had fun doing it!

Vocabulary courses are cumulative with each year building on previous ones and containing plenty of review.  


Grammar and Punctuation

The grammar and punctuation portions of this course focus on students' top problem areas and review critical concepts necessary to proper sentence construction and punctuation. Practicing these skills in various fun individual and group activities, exercises, and games builds mastery.  When coupling this class with our writing & literature courses, students learn to use language more effectively.


For students who already have a thorough background in grammar, the grammar and punctuation portions of this course will provide an easy method of review and reinforcement, keeping alive what they have already learned. For students who have minimal background in grammar, this course will strengthen the areas that will have the most impact on their writing.


General Information

    • Classes meet for 1 hour every week for 30 weeks.


      Study time to allow for this course:  In addition to class sessions, students should expect to spend approximately two hours per week preparing for class. Due to the nature of the material, the tools they will be using, and the course objective of mastery, students MUST study daily for 30 minutes/day on four days out of the week. Ensure your student's success by reserving daily study time for this course. You will be amazed at the results!


      Enrollment closes August 15 or when the class is full (15 students).


      Instructor:   Sandra Selling

                            IEW-Certified Instructor



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Books & Supplies for Grammar, Punctuation, and College Prep Vocabulary 3



Please have the following books and supplies on the first day of class.


       For This Course

      1. 4th Edition, The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar  by Erica L. Meltzer  (The correct edition is essential.)

Required for All Courses

      1. Microsoft Office Word. If you do not currently own Word, the full Office Suite with PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote is available for both MAC and PC users through Office 365. The cost for PC users is $6.99/month for an individual and $9.99/month for a family of up to five. To purchase or see more options, click HERE. 

        Word is a powerful and intuitive tool that students will utilize throughout college. 

        MAC users, please use Word. We cannot guarantee the functionality of all assignments in Pages and other Word substitutes. Students are strongly encouraged to use Word for a more seamless class experience. I edit and grade in Word using its comment feature.

      2. Headset with microphone and USB connection to your computer, NOT a pin-style connection, NOT Blue Tooth, and NOT your PC speakers and microphone. Their use will create audio problems for not just yourself, but the entire group. A noise-canceling microphone is ideal. See pictures at the bottom of this page for a visual of the correct connection. 

      3. Webcam.


Other Requirements

      1. High-Speed Internet Access (Please Note: Linux operating systems won’t work with our webinar service.) 

      2. Parents need a separate email or Gmail address to which the student does NOT have access. Use this email when setting up your parent account. If you have one, please use a Gmail rather than an email address. Gmail will allow more seamless access to some course features. 

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      4. Quiet room. Online students MUST have a quiet space in which to attend class to avoid a noisy environment for the entire group. Since we often have oral discussions, muting student microphones until they are ready to speak does not work because it significantly slows down group interaction. Students need a quiet place from which to attend class. 

      5. Siblings attending the same class at the same time must each have their own computer. They CANNOT share one. Siblings attending different classes or the same class at different times CAN share a computer. 

      6. Siblings attending an online class at the same time must attend from separate rooms. Otherwise, they will create echoes for the group.


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